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Ice pack

TE-BIB100,200 TE-BIB800 TE-BIB10

1.This product is made of biological material by high-tech process. It is clean, nontoxic, elastic, and gluey.
2.This product has a high cold capacity, so excels in keeping cold.
3.This product can be widely used safely without contamination.
4.This product can be used repeatedly.

1.Long-distance cold storage and transportation of biochemical reagent, veterinary drug, plasma, vaccine, aquaculture product, and keeping-fresh food.
2. For patients: lower temperature for fever, curb inflammation, alleviate pain, and physical therapy for strain, bruise, hemorrhage and sepsis.
3.Save electricity and keep cold, release cold and keep refrigerator at the refrigerating temperature when power off.

Put this product into freezer to be refrigerated in advance for 12 hours, and then use as refrigerating media when needed.

 Put the ice bag in a flat place or shape the according to demand before it being refrigerated.

  before fill water YS-SW1000   after fill water YS-SW1000  

Fill bag with water from faucet through the opening until water reaches water line.
Please tighten the opening on faucet when filling water. It is not nicessary to seal the opening because water will not spill.
Polimer in bag will quickly abosrb water and became gel.
Place in freezing storage to become ice bag. It is the best substitute for ice cubes, dry ice and cold medium.
Maintains cold over 5 hours in open air & over 20 hours in closed box. Reusable by storing in freezer. Unlimited re-usability.
The packing material and contents are clena, odorless and nontoxic.
For liakage, wash away and with water and do not eat the contents.
Especially for the fresh, cold and transportation of water fowl, alive seaworms, seafood, meat, milk, drink, vaccine, reagent, farm produce, flowres and plants, etc.