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Ice Box

TE-IB95 TE-IB170 TE-IB200
TE-IB350 TE-IB290 TE-IB310
TE-IB350 TE-IB380 TE-IB385
TE-IB390 TE-IB450 TE-IB480
TE-IB481 TE-IB500 TE-IB570
TE-IB620 TE-IB660 TE-IB840
TE-IB1020 TE-IB1080 TE-IB1100
TE-IB1200 TE-IB1230 TE-IB1230
TE-IB1280 TE-IB1410 TE-IB2700

Put the ice box into ice making compartment of refrigerator to be refrigerated completely, and take it out for use 24 hours later.

For cold storage and transportation: it can be used for cold storage and transportation of poultry, aquaculture product and other kinds of food, biological product, drug, plasma, vaccine.
For food: freeze and keep fresh food, beverage, beer, fruit, vegetable and so on.
For refrigerator: it can save electricity, keep food fresh and keep cold in condition of refrigerator being off electricity.

The ice bag can only be used for external medication. If eye or skin should contact the content or the someting being freezed, it must be washed by clean water thoroughly. If one eat the content by mistake, he must drink enough water, try his best to vomit it and turn to doctor when necessary.

This product has a high cold capacity, release cold evenly, and can be used repeatedly.